Water: No longer a Dream in Braag Ciise

Published February 22, 2017 by Muna Ali


Hawa striding home after she has filled her jarrycan from the water community catchmentHawa striding home after she has filled her jarrycan from the water community catchment after the water trucking, Baraag Ciise, Mudug  Feb 2017


For Hawa coming back from the community water catchment with her jerrycan full of water is a pure joy. Two weeks ago getting free drinking water was only a dream to the people in her village. And even though very heavy Hawa didn't seem to mind the struggle with her jerrycan as she carried it. She took a reset every now and then on the way home.

Water is life, and most of us take it for granted. So the prospect of water being an amenity that cannot be afforded is sometimes unthinkable. But in this village and many others in Mudug region, a three-year long biting drought has dried up the water points and more than doubled the water prices. Which made access to free drinking water a luxury that not many can afford.

That’s why upon hearing the noise of the water trucks when they arrived, the residents of Baraag Ciise rushed to the water trucking site. Among them, Hawa who even beat her mother to the site. In their current predicament, the families here see this water trucking as a dream came true or as Hawa puts it "an answer to their prayers".

Hawa’s village was one of five villages in Mudug region, central Somalia where water trucking was carried out by Adeso with the support of USAID. For many families, this is the only way they can get access to water that they otherwise couldn't afford.

Hundreds of families are benefiting from this water trucking. Both the residents of the village and pastoralists who flocked from surrounding areas when they heard of the water trucking activities. Pastoralists like Aden Ahmed's family,  who when they learned about the water trucking, relocated from a settlement 20 Km from Baraag Ciise.

Aden’s family received a water voucher that allows them access to 1,184 liters of water from the community water catchment for a period of two weeks. “We have exhausted all our options.” he says “And we could no longer borrow money or buy water on credit. I was beginning to lose hope until I heard that water was being trucked to the village. That’s when I decided to move my family here. If we can get drinking water for free, food can be managed.” Aden explained.

In Baraag Ciise a total of 235 pastoral families from the most impoverished like Aden's received similar vouchers that get them free access to water and temporary relief through this drought response.  

Adeso has been carrying out drought response in form of water trucking, borehole fuel subsidies, rehabilitation of major water points providing access to water through vouchers for drought-affected communities in Sanaag and Mudug. Join us today as we help them survive through the drought. You have the power to restore their hope. Donate Today!