Thanks to Cash Transfers Mariam Can Feed Her Children

Published October 10, 2017 by Nuriye Mohamed Isse

Mariam in her kitchen after she had cooked lunch, Dajimale village August, 2017


Mariam Ali kulane recalls how a few months ago her children would come back home to empty pots because there wasn’t any food to cook. Mariam’s family is among the 6.2 million people who are battling hunger and starvation most of them not knowing where their next meal will come from. Six Mariam's family started receiving assistance through unconditional cash. Allowing them to meet basic food and non-food needs during the hard times. Vulnerable families like Mariam’s from rural and pastoral, and urban poor Sanaag and Mudug regions which are affected by the drought benefited from the intervention for a period of 6 months.

With the cash transfers Mariam, the mother of four and the caretaker for her family was able to address their needs for survival in Dajimale village in the Galmudug state of Somalia. “Before the assistance I received from Adeso, I was unable to feed my children. I had completely ran out of options, we borrowed rations of food and bought on credit, until we couldn’t anymore. Thanks to the cash we would receive every month, I was able to buy food and cook three meals a day for my children” She smiled. 

Mariam received a monthly payment of USD72 on her mobile phone which she used to buy their essential food needs. She also saved some of the money and used it to open a small table business to sell fast moving in ther neighborhood. The Mobile Money Transfer is immediate relief that saves lives and help families to quickly address their food and non-food basic needs, in addition to that it helps them plan for something more sustainable that would support their lives in the long run. 

SERP project funded by the Somalia Humanitarian Fund (SHF) is a livelihood project implemented by Adeso in Mudug and Sanaag region providing life-saving assistance to the people who lost everything in the drought. The main objective of the SERP to provide emergency assistance to droughts affected women, children, disabled, elderly and men in Lasqorey, Hobyo and Jarriban districts of Somalia/Somaliland with total targets of 5,400 women, girls, boys and men.

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