Penny to Pound - Cash transfers enable Marwo improve her life

Published July 6, 2015 by Kiman Noor Mohamed

Mrs. Marwo in her sewing kiosk in Dhobley marke; Lower Juba, SomaliaMrs. Marwo in her sewing kiosk in Dhobley market; Lower Juba, Somalia

Marwo Khalif Ali Ahmed is a divorced mother of 6 children who lives in Bosnia village, Dhobley District, in Somalia. Marwa is pastoral drop out- her livestock perished during the long dry spell felt in the past years in lower juba Somalia.

The Cash Assistance and Recovery Support Project (CARSP) is a USAID funded project in Somalia whose aim is to uplift the purchasing power of vulnerable communities and increase their food security status through unconditional cash transfers of USD 60 for six consecutive months. The project is implemented in four regions namely Lower juba, Mudug, Sanaag and Bay regions of Somalia. The vulnerable beneficiaries are given 50% of the Minimum expenditure basket (MEB) to compliment their household income.

After the CARSP project funded by USAID was implemented in Dhobley lower juba Somalia; Mrs. Marwo had received 5th circle of Cash Recovery relief payment of $60 per month and had now resorted to expand her business enabling to sustain the life and future for her family. Before the project Mr. Marwo used to sell sugar, tea leaves and little items displayed in her kiosk that was not enough to cover the need for her house hold and the school fees for her children.

Marwo decided to purchase a new sewing machine in order to expand her business. As a result of the new machine, Marwo’s business is doing well and she is attracting more customers as she makes a profit of $10 a day in her energized kiosk, or around US $ 300 a month. She is now able to sustain her family, and pay the medical bills and schools fees for her kids.  Marwo is excited now that the Eid season is coming soon, and she is hoping to make double the profit out of her small business.

Marwo says, ‘’am now able to feed, educate and even pay the medical fee for my children in case they fall sick, and the aid has really transformed the life of my family”. She applauded the great support she had received from Adeso and USAID and added that she is willing to expand her business in the remaining cycles.