Helping IDPs though Cash Transfers in Southern Somalia

Published November 27, 2017 by Abdimahad Ali Abdullahi

Halima on the right side setting up the table from where she sells fast moving items in the IDP camp


A tragic combination of drought and insecurity forced Halima Abdurahman’s family to leave their village Dhurshen Shabelle in Bakool region  of Somalia, 30K away from Hudur district. A risky journey on foot has led the family to an IDP camp in the Morogabey village where they sought refuge and had hoped to get help and some peace.

Leaving was never a decision that Halima made lightly. After 3 years of drought have caused her family’s crop to fail, gradually, she was unable to feed the children or access credit to buy food. Halima’s family found themselves without any source of income, thirsty and hungry. Having exhausted all their coping strategies, the family had no choice but to migrate in search of survival opportunities and assistance elsewhere.

A few  months into their arrival to the IDP camp, Halima learned about humanitarian assistance that Adeso was planning to provide. This was a new lease at life for the family after months of uncertainty and impoverishment.

 “Things changed for us when I heard about a public meeting that all the IDP camp residents were invited to. The meeting was called to by the IDP camp chairman and it was to inform us about this humanitarian assistance that Adeso was going to provide. The most vulnerable families will be selected they told us. My family was among those select to received help” Habibo explained.

One month after they were registered as beneficiaries, Halima’s family started receiving a monthly amount of $94. She bought different foods like rice, water and also started selling a few items in the IDP camps that the people in the camp needed.

“The people in the camp started to buy food items from me instead of going to the market. If it wasn’t for the support we got I could not have fed my family or started my small business. We would’ve been still languished in poverty as before.” She said.  “I am very thankful for Adeso and the donor who sent this assistance to us. We will not forget their help.” She continued.

Halima wishes that  Adeso will continue providing support through cash transfer until the drought ends and the affected people are able to get back on their feet again. With support of Somalia Stability Fund, Adeso is implementing drought relief interventions in the three regions in South of Somalia (Bay, Gedo, and Bakool). These interventions aim to improve access to life-saving water and food for drought-stricken communities in these regions for a period of 8 months from May to December 2017.