Bright Future for Dhobley Youth Against Violence

Published July 15, 2016 by Adanmagan Ali Gedi-Project Engineer

Afmadow Youth Center In Dhobley Somalia

In Somalia, many youth suffer from high rates of unemployment as a result they become idol and often at times end up joining militias and criminal gangs. The unemployment situation has fuelled an increase in migration, leading to hundreds of young men and women travelling to Europe in search of jobs. This journey is usually unsafe with numerous stories of many of them perishing along the way.

Due to these re-current factors Adeso implemented the Youth Employment Intensive Project in Dhobley and Afmadow Districts of Lower Juba, Somalia in partnership with the Somalia Stability Fund (SSF).The overall goal of the Project is to support youth in Lower Juba through provision of sustainable employment. This has been done through the rehabilitation of some community infrastructures. The construction of a youth resource and income generating micro-projects has ensured the youths are engaged. This engagement in the projects has helped many avoid going militia groups in the area.

Before the project was implemented, many youth in Dhobley were jobless. Under this project, Adeso employed the youth as temporary labourers for the various activities. Furthermore, it provided the youth with sports equipment, constructed and equipped two youth resource centers with ICT equipment and furniture both in Dhobley and Afmadow.

“Before it was difficult to recognize the youth and we had no official meeting place but now we have our own office and a hall that we can meet and discuss the plight of the youth in the town. We even conduct our meetings and other community events in this hall thus creating income for ourselves’’ stressed Mr. Jamaa the youth chairman.

The youth hire out the hall for seminars, wedding ceremonies, printing and photocopy services. So far the hall has generated 400 USD from rent and 200 USD from printing and photocopy services after the handover on 28th March 2016. The money is used to pay their electricity bill, purchase printing papers, buy refreshments for their meetings, and fund their sports activities.

‘’This was a significant step forward and I believe Adeso’s effort will not be wasted. Investing in the youth contributes significantly in the overall investment of the community” Mr Jamaa added

The youth in this area are very grateful to this investment which will go a long way in changing the overall community.