At Long Last, Clean Water for Saaxo Community

Published June 7, 2017 by Abdikarim Ali


Ruur getting water from one of the water Kiosks in Saaaxo village of the Mudug region, February 2017


Two years ago, her only options were to get discolored often unsafe water from the water catchment facility NEAR her village. or buy water TRUCKED in from far off places at very high prices. Today, Ruun only walks less than 10 minutes to get water from one of the water kiosks at the center of her village.

Not only does this save her time and energy, but it also keeps her safe because she doesn't have to treks hours outside of the village to get water.

Saaxo, the village where Ruun lives is located at the Somalia border with Ethiopia and is very far from the main towns of the Mudug region. This means that it doesn't get much government or NGO support when in need. They especially did not receive assistance regarding their need for clean drinking water during the recent drought in Somalia.

In addition, there was the risk of women and girls being assaulted while making their way to the water catchment facility. According to the village chief, many cases of attempted rape and violence against women were reported. The village tried to mitigate this problem by hiring security guards near the catchment facility, but this was a short-lived solution as the hire cost was difficult for the residents to pay.

However, through a USAID/OFDA funded project Supporting Pastoral/Agro Pastoral & Urban Poor through Recovery initiatives (SPUR). Adeso was able to reach the community of Saaxo and finally and permanently address their water need. Adeso has rehabilitated the broken village borehole and installed a new water pump in the borehole to produce more water. Two kiosks were built in the center of the village which allows women and children to safely fetch water for their families at any time of the day. Additionally, one animal watering trough was established so that livestock can easily drink water from it.

Ruun has recently opened a small teashop in front of her house, close to the kiosk, where she sells tea and food to the congregating crowds who come to fetch water, some of them from far off places. Run reflects on this by saying “ Thanks to Adeso, the water is as close as you see, right in front of my teashop we access to water any time of the day and night without traveling long and incurring the risks associated”

The community in Saaxo is one of the few communities that did not suffer from water shortages and increased water prices during the peak of the drought early this year. Thanks to their fully functioning borehole and 40% fuel subsidy that lowered the price of water for a period of three months.

Adeso is currently responding to the drought in Somalia through various projects with the support of generous donors and partnerships. We have also launched an online campaign to fundraise for the drought affected people. Learn more about what you can do to help.