Women are slicing through the meat market in Wajir County

Published February 2, 2016 by Naomi Senda

The Abshir Vicoba butchery was opened in February 2015. The owners, who are all women, used the roof of an old land rover car, which they purchased for Ksh. 5,000 (USD 50) to give an edge to their structure. 

The Abshir Vicoba Womens group has 30 goats in stock at any one time. They sell one each day. The selling price of a goat in the area ranges between Ksh. 2,000- Ksh. 3,000 (USD 20-30). Every ten days, they will sell camel meat as well. A camel can be sold for between Ksh. 15,000- ksh. 17,000 (USD 150-170).

In addition to the profits the women make from selling the meat, the business gives them an opportunity to supplement their diet from their stock. 

To learn more about the group's achievements, click on the photo below to view the photostory.

Abshir Vicoba Butchery-Wajir