Somali President sees a promising future for the country

September 24, 2013 : Staff infoZine By Zahra Farah

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud plans to revitalize the Federal Republic of Somalia, but many citizens remain unconvinced.

Washington, DC - infoZine - Scripps Howard Foundation Wire - “After decades of civil war, dozens of external interventions and numerous transitions, the Somali people have earned the right to be skeptical,” Mohamud said Friday in a speech at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

At the discussion, Mohamud said his focus for the next three years is to create a constitution and federal and multi-party electoral systems. The president works with five major clans and more than 100 sub-clans in government.

His plan is also focused on improving Somalia’s economic sector and attracting international investors.

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