New aid network to boost local charities helping people in crisis

Thomas Reuters Fouldation, 22 May 2016, Megan Rowling

African, Asian and Middle Eastern aid groups have set up a network to help them gain more funding for their work with communities hit by war and natural disasters, and a greater say in how aid is delivered.

Large international aid agencies often take priority over smaller local groups when it comes to resources and deciding how to help people hit by a crisis, groups based in developing countries said.

The Network for Empowered Aid Response (NEAR), launched in Istanbul ahead of the May 23-24 World Humanitarian Summit, brings together some 55 organizations with the aim of sharing their expertise and gaining greater recognition for their work.

"We hope NEAR will provide the much-needed platform to strengthen the collective voice of those working directly with local communities," said Degan Ali, executive director of Adeso, an African NGO that works in Kenya, Somalia and South Sudan.

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