Grituous International.

In the last few years, like-minded organizations and especially local and national NGOs have come together and formed collaborative regional networks. Some of these include the African Centre for Humanitarian Action, The Asian Disaster Response and Risk Reduction Network, to mention but a few. These networks have been able to influence debates and policies and to voice concerns of local NGOs. However, there has not been enough sustained support and investment in national and local NGOs networks.

Additionally, these successful examples of local and national NGO networks have found sustained funding difficult to come by and have therefore ebbed and flowed in terms of their presence, activities and level of engagement. Local NGOs have therefore had to join existing global networks which rarely prioritize their voices.

The voices of their more international counterparts are given much precedence, leaving little or no opportunity for local and national organizations to address systematic gaps that exist and the challenges they face as those who are often first responders in their own communities.

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