Do not give me aid, support my farming

Daily Nation, 5 December 2015, Sophie Mbugua

Tall, chocolate-skinned, dressed in a black dress and a red and black scarf, Isnina Bille cuddles her two-year-old daughter who clings to her, hiding from the strangers who have just visited their farm.

The mother of eight is among 20 families who have ditched pastoralism and embraced crop cultivation at Tawakal Farm in Abaqdera Village, some 52 kilometres from Garissa Town. Isnina went against the advice of her husband and members of her community to raise crops. Her family moved to Abaqdera Village during the 2011 drought to have access to relief food.

“I lived in the interior of Fafi plains. As drought persisted, we needed food, but we couldn’t access it because we were far from the food distribution point. We thus had to move,” she says.

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